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Goldstone Laine has been established to provide a bespoke contract, retained and contingency recruitment service to top class UK and international companies.  

Goldstone Laine was established  in response to overwhelming demand by the UK and international business community for a first-class recruitment solution at a fair price. 

We feel that this is no more or less than the industry deserves - so have designed a business model that is lean enough to be able to deliver exactly that - a great service at a reasonable cost. 

The team  have extensive experience and considerable success, and are proud to have developed reputations for delivering results to the organisations they have worked with. 

This reputation for quality recruitment has helped in developing strong relationships with a selection of the finest organisations globally, and because of this we are able to offer our candidates a broad selection of the best opportunities right across the world. This selection is always growing as more and more international clients recognise our ability to deliver results for a fair price.

Goldstone Laine is not a CV-spreader. They will not bombard your company with the usual suspects. We will take time to listen to you, understand your requirements and will work hard to present you with only the candidates you need. 


Steve James


Phone: 07708 333504

E-mail: steve.james@goldstonelaine.com

Mark Hazzard


Phone: 07766 136594

E-mail: mark.hazzard@goldstonelaine.com

Debbie Ridgett

Senior Consultant

Phone: 07948 736522

E-mail: debbie.ridgett@goldstonelaine.com


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