Succession Planning for your Business

In the ever-changing world of Financial Services, we have found that companies are continually looking to improve their knowledge, qualifications, client experience and risk management.

They excel at the “advising client” process, with checks and balances in place to ensure that every client has a professional and comprehensive review, looking at their aims/goals and how best to look to achieve them.  Financial Planning for the client takes precedence over everything.

In this litigious world in which we live, companies must comply with vigorous compliance procedures, ongoing training and increased requirements for more and more qualifications, to protect not only their clients, but also themselves.

With all these requirements throughout their day to day running of the business, often there is little time spent considering their own long term aims/goals/exit strategy.

At Goldstone Laine, we have over 14 years’ experience in recruiting within the Financial Services Industry.

One of the areas where we have assisted company owners – is that of succession planning and their ultimate exit strategies.  Whether it is by way of recruiting into the business, individuals who will eventually continue to run the company, or by strategic planning to join with other likeminded individuals/companies, or by way of a structured Buy Out with multiple options and flexibility over a pre-determined and agreed timeframe.

If you are a Financial Services business owner and would like a completely confidential discussion, without obligation, then please contact us.

Unfortunately, over the last 8 years we have seen that many company owners who wish to retire and exit the industry are unable to attract the premium that they desire for their company, as there was no succession planning in place.

Please don’t leave it to the last minute – even if you are years away from retirement – it is worth a discussion now.  Remember – you advise your clients to plan for their own futures… should you not also do the same for your company?

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