Diversity & Inclusion

We at Goldstone Laine actively promote inclusive recruitment practices.

More and more workplaces are beginning to look at how they can better improve their diversity and culture.

But what is inclusive recruitment exactly?

Well, it is not much more than just the process of engaging with, interviewing and hiring individuals equally across a diverse range of backgrounds. Inclusive recruiting is broad, covering things like gender, race, age, class, upbringing, religion, and more.

Inclusive recruiting is an attempt to understand how current recruitment and unconscious bias can get in the way of valuing people from all walks of life and how they might benefit a business.

Our job here at Goldstone Laine is to help businesses keep up to speed with their recruitment needs, and we have seen more and more lean towards including more inclusive recruitment techniques in their search.

But why is inclusive recruitment important?

There is a lot that points to having a diverse workforce improving a company’s chance to succeed and grow both nationally and internationally. Inclusive recruitment boosts diversity which, in turn, can lead to larger recruitment pools, a broader range of skills in your workforce, and more language and cultural awareness within a business.

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